Br. Dennis WYRZYKOWSKI, prior

Welcome! My name is Br. Dennis-Anthony Wyrzykowski (of our Lady of the Holy Eucharist). I was born in 1962 and have been with our community since 1976. I remember, when I was five years old, coming home with my family to Worcester from a vacation in Virginia. It was about 6 AM when I was sitting outside of our
family house feeling a peace and contentment that occupied my heart and mind. I recall, sitting on the curb in wonderment of all that was around me: the sky, trees, grass, etc. It was that PRESENCE that followed me throughout my young life and when I met our founder, it was then that I realized the PRESENCE was God, whose name is Jesus. It was this PRESENCE that had a arrow of love that pierced my heart and continues to draw me more deeply in love with Him.

In today's society, we are judged indiscriminately for attributes that have the appearance of weakness, sensitivity or being affectionate, even though our character is built upon integrity, honesty and sincerity. I not only believe, but know, the Gospel is a way of life which calls us not to compromise ourselves to lesser values. This concept is at the core of my person. I know communications is key to having a stable relationship with God and other people, although at times there is need for confrontation. I know the truth sets us free and releases us from the shackles of past experiences we may wish to hide. I know that love and humility are the most valuable attributes enabling us to forge ahead in all areas of life…and they work! I know that holiness has everything to do with allowing ourselves to be human and NOT to be perfect, for perfection is reserved for God and it makes us crazy trying to fill those shoes. Being a perfectionist makes everyone around us miserable, including ourselves. In short, I believe in the universal principles that cross barriers of culture and belief, and when upheld, work miracles. I am a man who speaks his heart while recognizing the value of fraternal charity, diplomacy and tact. My God-centered values engender within myself the freedom to laugh when I am happy, cry when I am saddened, dance as if no one is looking, and sing as if no one is listening. Being a Carmelite has offered me the freedom to be the man of God I have desired. I experience the power of being a wounded-healer and loving and accepting others unconditionally (which is not always easy).

I enjoy sports, particularly weightlifting, swimming, volleyball, football, water skiing, down-hill skiing and enjoy an occasional triathalon. I find great pleasure in music, singing and playing my 12-string guitar. My education is in psychology with a minor in philosophy and music, while my graduate studies focused on Religious Studies. I have over 52 course comprised of Carmelites studies; Spiritual Direction and Assessment Interviewing. I have been the prior of our Carmel since 1999 and cherish the experience to be the Father, to many.